Portage Heritage Museum



Volunteers are like Ford… They have better ideas.

Volunteers are like Coke… They’re the real thing.

Volunteers are like Pepsi… They’ve got a lot to give.

Volunteers are like Dial… They care more; don’t you wish everyone did.

Volunteers are like VO5 Hair Spray… They hold in all kinds of weather.

Volunteers are like Hallmark… They care enough to give the best.

Volunteers are like Standard Oil… You expect more and you get it.

But most of all,

Volunteers are like Frosted Flakes… THEY’RE GRRRRRREAT!!!!!!

How Can You Help?

Whether you live in the community of Cranberry Portage or on another continent, you can help to develop the Museum to its full potential.
All it takes is your willingness.

All volunteers are recognized in a permanent and consistent manner in accordance to their wishes for recognition or anonymity.


Become a member.

Canvass for members.


Make a donation of time and skills to assist in a particular project. [check out the web site for upcoming information on projects e.g. Auction 08]

Archival Histories

Take the time to complete a History Questionnaire regarding your time in Cranberry Portage for the archival collection. Assist a family member or friend in completing a History Questionnaire so that his/her history is in the collection.

Archival Collection

There is a great deal of documentation required. Are you interested in assisting? No special skills required. Bonus: You get to read some really cool material!


Are you a skilled typist or search and peck? It makes no difference as there are any number of documents that need to be typed and your assistance will be appreciated. Type at your own speed and choose your own hours.


Are you interested in assisting? No special skills required. Hours are very flexible.


Pass on the word about the Web Site. Encourage others to check it out and to contact the Museum.


Does a certain aspect of the story of Cranberry Portage interest you? Would you have information to share? Would you like to find out more about some part of Cranberry?s history? If so we very much need your input or your research skills. Give us a call or email the Museum today and we will get back to you with an interesting project that you can sink your teeth into.


There are a number of committees that need your help.
Which one interests you?


Do you have a fund-raising idea? Please share it with us. We are extremely interested in hearing from you!

Fund-raising is an on-going undertaking. Are you willing to assist in a project of this nature? Give us a call or an email and we will put your name on the call list. Hours are flexible, Appreciation is immeasurable, Reward is a fantastic sense of achievement.


Each person has an interesting story to tell. We need you to go out into the community and get these stories that are such an important part of our history. No special skill required, just a willingness to listen and encourage the story to unfold. We have a guideline to help you move the story along and cover certain aspects of his/her history.

Past Resident of Cranberry Portage

As a past resident of the community is your name in our address book?
No ? then please contact us and have us include your name and an address so that we can contact you.

Do you know of any other past residents of the community? Would you give us their names and how we may contact them or encourage them to contact us.

Thank You!


The Internet is a fantastic means of communication, fast, efficient and with no end to its possibilities. Can some of these volunteer tasks such as typing up a document in manner required for the archives be done through email correspondence? As the Museum Curator, I am willing to give it a try if you are.

For further detailed information contact: