Cranberry Portage Heritage Museum

Visiting the Museum

The museum is now closed for the season, but it can always be opened for viewing. Please contact one of the Museum Directors to make arrangements.

Also, please contact one of the directors or email for any concerns or information.

The Museum has an opening for Summer employment as a ...


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2024 begins

The February Newsletter is available.


After Anne Marie Rochford recently brought her FCI Travel Class to visit the museum, the Museum displayed older technology at a recent Job Fair held in the FCI gym. Students were fascinated. See the February 2024 newsletter for details. Congratulations to Anthony Dumas for winning the contest to recognize a portable linesman phone. We were very pleased when several students expressed an interest in working at the museum in the summer, and we will follow up. Teachers from FCI have come to the museum for a tour, and we hope the schools will take advantage of the resources the museum offers.

Many new and beautiful artifacts have been put on display at the museum recently. Although the museum is closed for the winter, small groups can organize a visit and arrange a time, and we will put on a virtual tour on big screen TV in the waiting room. Contact any of the Executive at any time.

Membership details here.

The museum has a wall of Family History booklets completed by many of the Cranberry Portage families and these are very popular to visitors. If you have not submitted yours, Family History Questionnaires are available from the Museum.

Over the years the Cranberry Portage Heritage Museum has received donations from individuals/businesses In Memory of a Loved One. These have been acknowledged on our Donations Page. The executive has now decided to separate these from the regular Donations and will be making up a new acknowledgement book and these donations will be posted yearly on our Website and Facebook page.

We are now set up for e-transfers to

In the comment portion please provide us with your name, postal address, e-mail and/or phone # as well as indicate what your money is for: ie: memberships, general donations, or In Memory of ???. Receipts (if over $20.00) will be mailed to you for tax purposes.

To purchase a membership or to make a donation drop into the museum or contact Mabel Brewer, the Museum treasurer, at 204-472-3031


Anyone interested in volunteering to help out with suggestions or work projects in any way please let one of the directors know. This is your Museum and we need your help. We look forward to seeing everyone as soon as possible.

- Courtesy of North Of 54 Cinematography, this YouTube video provides a tour of the museum and its many offerings.

- Summers in Northern Manitoba - from TravelManitoba, this YouTube video provides a tour of the museum and its many offerings.


A Quick Tour of the Museum

Canvas-covered cedar canoes were the common form of transportation until the advent of aluminum boats in the 1960s.

Interior of a cabin reconstructed. Living space was cramped, furniture rudimentary, and running water non-existent.

Kicker motor for a canoe, early power saw and other basic tools

Cranberry nurses fondly remembered

Cabinet with beadwork objects

Early telephone

Clothing and equipment from the past

Toys from long ago

Background Articles

The Museum Project 1978-2005

The initiative for the Cranberry Portage Heritage Museum began with Homecoming Celebrations in 1978 and the historical display in the Bayview Theatre ...

The Museum Project 2010-2017

The realization of the Cranberry Portage Heritage Museum came with a massive effort by community members past and present ...

Canada 150 Celebration

June 24, 2017

About the Museum